Lynwood High School, believing that proper social behavior and individual responsibility are keys to a positive, high achieving student body, is using a program called Hero to track our students:

  • Positive Behavior
  • Negative Behavior
  • Attendance

Hero takes our HONOR behavior framework and builds a system to recognize, reward, and reinforce those behaviors school-wide. This allows us to recognize positive behavior wherever and whenever it happens.

Students are recognized by receiving “Hero Points”. They may receive them for most positive behaviors, including helping out, doing things on time, being responsible, keeping their materials organized, showing school pride, having excellent attendance, etc…

Students also lose points by being tardy to class and for negative behavior.

Hero Points will be used by students to enter drawings for prizes. Prizes will range from donationed gifts from our supporting community to various school privileges, and all will come with the recognition that the positive things they are doing as Lynwood Knights are being noticed and appreciated.

We look at Hero as a way to redirect student behavior systemically in order to improve our school climate while reducing the number of overall suspensions and promoting good attendance. By using our students’ natural desire for recognition, Hero focuses on the things students are doing right, rather than punish them for what they are doing wrong.