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Principal's Message

Welcome to Lynwood High School.  We are thrilled to welcome you. You will no doubt bring your own unique enthusiasm and character to the culture of support and excellence we have built here at Lynwood High.

In every aspect, we are not just a school campus. We are a community, a family. When students graduate and move on in pursuit of their dreams – to attend prestigious universities or begin exciting careers – they don’t forget about where they came from. They return to Lynwood to continue making our community stronger.

Our Alumni take pride in the roots that have been laid here, knowing that our collective success is built on the resources and talents that each member of our team – staff or volunteer – brings to the table.  At every level, we are deeply committed to maintaining a learning environment that exudes integrity, pride, accountability and academic excellence.

I could not be more proud of our graduates – well-rounded, high-achieving people prepared to tackle the challenges of adulthood. With the trust of our families and the hard work of our Knights, we are raising the standard of achievement as our graduation rates have climbed to more than 90 percent. Hundreds of students are seeing their higher education aspirations come true and are attending colleges and universities such as UCLA, USC, University of Wisconsin, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UC Riverside.

Not only are our students exceling academically, they’re contributing to Lynwood High School’s positive learning environment by fostering communication on campus. As a principal, it is so rewarding to see my students treating each other, and others, with respect and giving back to their community.

A new program, Link Crew, pairs our freshmen with trained junior and senior mentors, who provide guidance, support and friendship to help them navigate some of the challenges that come with the transition from a middle school to high school setting.  We also have twp very successful Project Lead the Way programs, Engineering and Bio Medical Science.  Our goal is to not only prepare students for college but to give our students experiences to explore various careers.

In our Knight family, we continue to lift our students and encourage them to reach higher than they thought was possible. We can’t wait to welcome you to Lynwood High School and help you achieve your dreams.

Carlos J. Zaragoza